The Team

Jim Gobby HS

Jim Gobby

General Sales Manager

With over 26 years of experience in the beer/beverage industry, Jim has worked at both the wholesaler, and supplier level. He most recently was the Sales Director for Bulletproof Energy Drinks, where he managed all sales aspects in 26 states. Prior to Bulletproof, Jim worked as a Sales Manager for Pabst Brewing Company managing Chicago Metro, which included, but not limited to, the management of 7 key wholesalers which included Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. Jim is also very familiar with the wholesaler dynamic. Prior to Pabst, he worked in the MillerCoors wholesaler network here for 21 years, where he managed big volume brands such as Constellation, Boston Beer Company, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, as well as managing merchandising departments, and teams of sales supervisors. We look forward to his strong leadership, collaborative business skills and sales knowledge of both the wholesaler and supplier side of product distribution.