Les Brasseurs De Gayant

Founded in Douai in 1919, LES BRASSEURS DE GAYANT, initially called LES ENFANTS DE GAYANT, was born from the fusion of 4 breweries based in Douai (Brewery CAUDRELIER, Brewery DELFOLIE, Brewery BELLE and Brewery MARRONNIER). M. Jean-Pierre d’Aubreby bought the brewery in 1955 and his son, Patrick started to manage the company in 1987. By his side is Alain Dessy, engineer-brewer from the University of Louvain (Belgium), who is the technical director and inventor of new beers at LES BRASSEURS DE GAYANT. In 2010, the Brewery has been bought by M. Pecqueur, owner of BRASSERIE ST OMER which is 100% independent.