Chippewa Spring Water

Chippewa Springs is a 110-year old company founded by Governor Thaddeus Pound, grandfather of Ezra Pound, Nobel Prize winning poet laureate, and child of the spring. As a congressman, Thaddeus had the water from the spring shipped to Washington, DC for his personal consumption. He was the first to arrange to have the head of the Coastal Survey test the water in the Federal Laboratory, where its remarkable purity level (92 PPM) was first noted in 1880. Amazingly, the water tests the same to this day. Today, Chippewa Spring Water is distributed by more than 110 distributors in 18 states. Our water is still bottled at the source and our bottling plant has the honor of being one of less than 100 plants in the world to be NSF (National Sanitation Foundation Certified). It is naturally fresh, naturally pure and naturally delicious. Taste the difference.