Brasseries Alken-Maes

The story of Brasseries Alken-Maes beer is the signboard of Belgian tradition, dynamics and craftsmanship, is one of passion and evolution. But no brewery in Belgium has such an interesting and surprising history as Alken-Maes. This brewery, which once arose from two local town breweries, has entered the new millennium as part of the second largest brewer’s group of Europe. They proudly brew the high-fermentation Grimbergen beers with as much attention to tradition and quality as the friars dating back centuries. In the year 1128 St. Norbert built an abbey for the Norbertine order in the Brabant town of Grimbergen. Apart from observing their contemplative and religious tasks the friars applied themselves to the art of brewing. The abbey was known for its hospitality and provided a safe shelter for pilgrims and travellers in those often tumultuous times. The Norbertines underlined their hospitality by serving their home-brewed beer with a recipe that had been passed down from generations. The Grimbergen Abbey was destroyed several times by fire, but each time it was rebuilt again. In 1629, after one such incident, a phoenix, together with the motto “Ardet Nec Consumitur” (burnt but never destroyed) were featured on the Abbey’s coat of arms and in its stained-glass windows. Both the phoenix and motto form central elements of the Grimbergen brand identity to this day.The phoenix symbolizes this resurgence. The secret of Grimbergen beer was also preserved and is still cherished. Grimbergen is a beer filled with passion.