Wild Tonic Kombucha

Wild Tonic – Hard Jun Kombucha

An Exciting Partnership…

Good Omen Bottling, Inc. manufacturers of Wild Tonic® Jun Kombucha announces its partnership with Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. Together, these two industry leaders from vastly different ends of the spectrum, will bring Chicagoland the absolutely delicious, trendsetting Hard Jun that is taking the country by storm!

“We are proud to enter into this partnership with Louis Glunz Beer, Inc.,” stated Dale Kamarata, Wild Tonic® COO. “Now, on the cusp of our 4th anniversary, we relish the opportunity to work with those who have been leading the distribution industry for 130 years.” Wild Tonic® Founder and Master Brewer Holly Lyman expressed her enthusiasm adding “This is one of those dream partnerships for us. We are particularly pleased because Louis Glunz’s dedication to quality customer service and product education echo our own.”

President Jerry Glunz declared

“Wild Tonic® is a truly unique product, at the forefront of new and exciting category. We at Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. are very excited to be partnering with them to bring this outstanding product to our friends in the Chicagoland area.”

General Sales Manager Jim Gobby added “As we begin a new chapter at Louis Glunz, we couldn’t be more thrilled about creating a long lasting partnership with Wild Tonic®. We truly believe that this portfolio will not only create a new category in the market, but will truly transcend across all channels of retail accounts. We feel very fortunate to be on the ground floor of the Hard Kombucha campaign, and are extremely honored, and dedicated to creating its success across the Chicagoland market!”

Critically Acclaimed

Critics in Forbes and The Washington Post to Beverage Industry and BIN Magazine and consumers, alike, are hailing these unusually smooth, subtle, sophisticated and refreshing ferments that are transforming the beverage industry! Most recently, Wild Tonic® swept an entire category—receiving Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals in the Fruit & Spice Ale-Kombucha-High ABV category—at the Great International Beer, Cider, Mead & Sake Competition (GIBCC). With flavors like Hoppy Buzz®, Mango Ginger, and Raspberry Goji Rose 5.6% ABV touching down at this moment, ‘The Great American City’ will now have its “day in the Jun!”

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