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An (ALE)Man for All Seasons: LGBI Welcomes Aleman Brewing Company


Beer drinkers to experience a renaissance thoughtful, handcrafted brews with the Avondale brewery, the sixth new brand signing this year for the Chicagoland beer distributor

(LINCOLNWOOD, IL; Aug. 19, 2016)—Louis Glunz Beer, Inc., Chicagoland’s premier craft and specialty import beer distributor, has added Aleman Brewing Company to its portfolio, which marks the sixth brand signing this year. Glunz now features 11 local breweries, including 5 Rabbit, Begyle, and Temperance.

“Aleman has really taken the idea of thoughtful, handcrafted beer to new heights by focusing on ingredients: using hyperlocal ones like lemon thyme grown onsite at the brewery for the LadiesMan wheat ale, interesting ones like salted caramel in the SoulMan brown ale, and the freshest ones they can get their hands on like the rotating fresh hops that make up TheMan IPA,” says Anthony Norkus, Glunz craft and specialty import brand manager.

Part of what adds to Aleman’s appeal, in addition to bold American-style beers, are the company’s distinctive wood tap handles, Norkus explains. “Those tap handles are hand-carved with the logo by one of owners’ best high school friends out of North Carolina. They take three hours to make—and that’s the same level of dedication Aleman puts into its beers.”

Aleman beers currently distributed by Glunz and available to area bars and retailers include:

TheMan American IPA (6.8% ABV)

In its most basic form, TheMan contrasts a reliable malt bill with a rotating cast of hop characters based on whatever hops are fresh and available. But, whether it be a single-hop variety or a balanced blend, TheMan always delivers on its crisp, clean, bitter promise.

SoulMan American brown ale (7.8% ABV)

SoulMan was born from the lavish half of an experimental partigyle brew. In the same way that the words aren’t nearly as important as how one sings them, handmade salted caramel adds the boogie-oogie and the sexual healing to Aleman’s take on the classic American brown ale.

StrongMan American strong ale (8.1% ABV)

Maple sugar meets toasted caraway seed meets rippling biceps. Aleman’s American strong ale drinks like an arm-wrestling match between a great malty Sasquatch and a majestic hoppy Centaur.

LadiesMan American wheat ale (5.5% ABV)

In a recipe that Aleman Co-Founder Nate Albrecht’s wife, Sarah, helped conceptualize, freshly clipped lemon thyme gives LadiesMan light-bodied American wheat a subtle aromatic, citrusy punch.

Additionally, Glunz also distributes limited-release Aleman beers, such as DayMan coffee IPA and LittleMan extra pale ale.

“After grinding out and putting everything we have into this startup over the past four years, we are finally ready to reintroduce the world to Aleman,” Co-founder Brad Zeller says. “In doing so, we vetted all of our options and genuinely feel Louis Glunz Beer gives us the best chance to achieve everything we wanted as a brand.”

Zeller continues, “Every distributor has their pros and their cons, but we feel like Glunz represents the best blend of distribution footprint, portfolio diversity, and brand support for where Aleman is currently and where we want to be moving forward.”

Aleman Brewing Company was founded by Nate Albrecht, Josh Bearry, Jim Moorehouse, and Brad Zeller after the group won the 2012 Iron Brew homebrewing competition and a trip out to San Diego to brew DayMan Coffee IPA with Stone Brewing and Two Brothers Brewing. Aleman is committed to going above and beyond to produce the best possible beer while trying minimizing the impact the brewery has on the planet. Based out of the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago, the brewery features a selection of year-round beers and a flexible rotation of seasonal, event-driven, and limited releases, showcasing a broad spectrum of tastes and interests, with recipes heavily rooted in traditional styles with a focus on American interpretations—a nod to the return of the Renaissance man and a time when people took pride in being well-rounded. For more information, visit, Facebook, Twitter @alemanchicago, and Instagram @alemanchicago.

Aleman beers are currently available for draft only. For more information on Glunz and its brewery partners, visit