4.8% abv

14 ibu

Hipsters – the connoisseurs of counterculture and anti-industrialism. A tribe that values time honing their craft and sharing their passion with others, not just toiling away at work to make a buck. They’re recognized by their vintage tees, beards, trucker hats, indie-alternative-folk music, beanies, and skinny jeans – driving beer choices and rescuing beer styles on life support. One such style, the American Cream Ale, is making a resurgence. Ours is pale-straw, well-carbonated and balanced, with a biscuity malt sweetness and whisper of citrus notes. We mash-in cracked corn with malted barley, and ferment it in our open fermenter to give the beer its crisp, signature flavor – just begging for another drink.

Because this beer is brewed in an area still dotted with farms and ranches, we felt it was more appropriate to name this beer after Hipster’s country cousin – Hickster. Skinny, tight fitting – no, never. Loose, relaxed, husky. Yeah – that’s it.

All Hybrid Beers



4-6-12 oz bottle



1/2 bbl keg

1984oz per keg