General Resin

9.2% abv

100 ibu

Every insurgency needs a strong leader to plot, scheme, and rally the subverted to rise up and fight the status quo. The craft beer guerillas found their leader in General Resin, a ruthless, take no prisoners, lupulin crazed mercenary, battling against the bland leaders of Domestican. This copper-orange hued, heavily hopped beer, laces your tongue with sticky resinous hop flavor – citrus, pineapple, mango, and tropical fruit. A reserved malt sweetness stalks in the background.  General Resin is the super villain to the beer establishment and hero to hop heads. Which side are you on?

avail: Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

All India Pale Ales



1/6 bbl keg

674.56oz per keg


6-4-12 oz bottle