A Tart Tarte

3.9% abv

1 ibu

Holiday season is upon us! What better way to help celebrate than to feature the cranberry, a native fruit to North America, grown successfully in northern Wisconsin and other parts of the country, and harvested in the Fall. Sharp, tangy, tart flavors from crimson cranberries buttress the lemony tartness developed by kettle souring with Lactobacillus to provide a dry, mouth puckering experience. Sweet orange peel and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt were also added to the concoction. The cranberries are from Habelman Bros., the largest fresh cranberry grower and packer in the world, up near Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Ya Hey Der!

avail: Jan, Oct, Nov, Dec

All Wild and Sour Beers



1/6 bbl keg

674.56oz per keg