St. Louis Premium Pêche

2.6% abv

Like the summery fruit whose name it bears and whose flavor it encapsulates, the St. Louis Premium Peche is simple, fresh, fruity and sweet. With a zesty, energetic acidity to complement its sumptuous sweetness – this soft amber-orange hued lambic retains a good deal of its traditional Belgian taste in the midst of its unabashed peachiness. Though its scent it pure unashamed, plucked-from-the-branch peach, its body, character and flavor are more evoke a sense of entrancing ennui – like a veritable Odyssian siren lurking in a pleasantly bucolic European peach orchard. To taste the Peche is to sample the fresh zing of a fruity summer splendor mingled with the deeper, alluring musty spice typical of a fine Belgian lambic brew.


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12--12.7 oz bottle