Old World Sour Sampler

The Old World Beer styles of Lambic, Gueuze and Oud Bruin are indigenous to Belgium. The microorganisms that naturally ferment and flavor these beers travel through Belgium’s terrain to pass through the attic windows of Brewery Van Honsebrouck. True products of their environment sour ales are wild, unpredictable and exciting.

Historically, sour ales are the original beers of Belgium, preceding the notorious wheat beers and strong ales. The spirit of the brewhouse and its surrounding terroir makes these three beers incapable of being truly replicated.


Bacchus 4.5% ABV – Malt sweetness balanced by tangy notes provided by a unique mix of bacteria and yeasts living in the wooden barrels. Ruby colored with an aroma of ripe fruit and sherry.

Fond Tradition Gueuze 5% ABV – A dry beer that starts with a very pungent aroma of over-ripened apples and finishes with a crisp sourness. A funky brew that reminds you of history with every sip. A true LIVING ALE.

Fond Tradition Kriek 6.5% ABV – Wild Yeast ferment the Oblacinska cherries to express a musty spice that is the trademark of Old-World cherry lambics. Earthy, yet crisp and bright, this beer is a true exploration of the senses.

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