Kasteel Donker

11% abv

This wintry, warm and 11% strong Donker pours a deep and rich ruby with a tan head that is quick to part, but leaves a joyfully intricate lacing in its stead. Its toffee aroma quickly reveals robust roasted malt, burn sugar tastes and rich port wine-esque fruits like, apricot and cherry. It’s aromas like these that make this beer the perfect sipper to take the edge off of those rainier days – whether the rain is literal or figurative. A thick and silky body divulges exceptional saccharine tastes, mingling with rich notes of Vietnamese chicory coffee, chocolate cake and that bitter hop zing that reminds you that what you’re drinking is a beer that truly rivals the complexity and sophistication of a fine wine.

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30 L keg

1014.42oz per keg


12-1-750 mL bottle



6-4-11.2 oz bottle