Floris Framboise

3.7% abv

A traditional go-to fruit brew, Floris Framboise (French for raspberry) combines zesty tartness and a champagne-like bitterness into what is surely its ideal form – a snappy and refreshing beer. Captivating to the eyes with its rich, vibrant magenta body and dark fuschia head, this beer is just as much invigorating to the palate, if not more so. From the first sip to the last, the reviving flavor of this acidic, medium-bodied drink is accented by a strong tingle of invigorating carbonation. Complimenting the natural sugar that mingles with the smooth role of malt in this beer’s brewing is a very tart, distinctly raspberry flavor. With a slightly bitter finish, each tasting of this lightly alcoholic (3.7%) beer is complete with a pleasantly mellow and lasting aftertaste of deeply sweet and summery fruit.


All Wheat Beers



6-4-11.2 oz bottle