5% abv

Italian Lambic made with 65% pilsner malt and 35% wheat – the program tries to imitate the turbic mash schedule maintining a large amount of dextrin and also some starch residues. During boil – he adds the hops suranne in flowers that were left to age in air for a few years (similar to lambic). After cooling – they transfer the wort directly into the barrel. Then he leaves the beer in old barrels that used to house Sicilian red wines (Nero d’Avola and Cabernet). The barrels are so old that the wine characteristics does not remain in the barrel but instead it is just the vehicle for spontaneous fermentation. The barrels are aged for at least 12 months before he starts to blend different barrels to create the final product.


All Wild and Sour Beers



12-1-11.2 oz bottle