Rowdy Root Beer

6.6% abv

Rowdy Root Beer is an alcoholic beer that comes in at 6.6% ABV.  Rowdy Root Beer is a unique brewed product mixed with root beer flavoring. The root beer mix is all natural sugar cane product.  The aroma is that of a delicious draft root beer, leading into a smooth finish.  The after tones tast of some of the delicious malts that the beer is created with.

Berghoff has alwasy taken great pride in its history and roots.  Yet, as a new generation of Berghoff Beer drinkers emerge on to the craft scene, it’s time for us to distinguish ourselves.  It’s time to be trendy.  It’s time to be exceptional.  It’s time for the future.  It’s time to get ROWDY.

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1/6 bbl keg

674.56oz per keg


1/4 bbl keg

992oz per keg


1/2 bbl keg

1984oz per keg


4-6-12 oz can