Dark Energy

3.6% abv

16 ibu

What’s better on a cold winter’s day than sitting down with friends to enjoy a few beers and some lively discussion? And if you’re going to have more than one, and keep your wits about you, it’s gotta be something sessionable. Dark Energy is a dark English mild ale that’s been finished with coffee. We worked with our friends at Gaslight Coffee Roasters in Logan Square to select their Mil Maravillas roast as the perfect compliment for the subtle toffee flavors of the English mild. This Costa Rican coffee offers notes of hibiscus, mango, raisin, and chocolate. These flavors mainly stay in the background, but work to make this a highly drinkable ale that weighs in at just 3.6% ABV.


All Amber and Brown Ales



1/6 bbl keg

674.56oz per keg


1/2 bbl keg

1984oz per keg