5 Grass Desert Pale Ale

6.4% abv

60 ibu

A hoppy ale with the fresh outdoorsy aroma of the desert. A smooth backbone of malt showcases complex, piney and citrusy hop aromas and a brisk bitterness. Spices and herbs include: juniper, two kinds of sage, rosemary and Tasmanian pepperberry. It’s not exactly a pale ale; Its malt profile is smoother than the classic style, and the hops are neither British or Cascadian in character. Existing styles are pigeonholes we’d rather not be caught in. This is a unique, subtle and complex beer.

In Aztec mythology, 5 Grass (Macuilmalinalli) is one of the 5 Gods of Excess (Ahuiateteo) and reminds us that all living things form a grand community that is counting on us to do our part as thoughtful, caring stewards and good neighbors to all life.”


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1/6 bbl keg

674.56oz per keg


1/2 bbl keg

1984oz per keg


4-6-12 oz bottle