The unique brews of Abbey de Leffe are made by craftsmen who rely on hundreds of years of brewing competence and tradition to make drinks that offers a perfect moment of indulgence.

The search for XINGU Black Beer began in 1986 when Amazon, Inc. was founded in Vermont to prevent the extinction of some of the world's rarest styles of beer. Dissatisfied with the bland offerings from American brewers and with the imports not offering much diversion from that, the company hired beer historian Alan Eames to research and locate native prototypes of dark, rich beers from around the world. The search began in Brazil where Eames insisted the best examples of black beer could be found. The earliest Western account of black beer brewed by the natives of the Amazon region dates to 1557. Many Amazon Indian tribes placed great spiritual significance on black beer as a beverage used in religious and social ceremonies. This primitive brewing was done with dark roasted corn or manioc root, fermentation being initiated by wild yeast.

Established in 1328, Augustinerbrau is considered the oldest brewery in Munich. The original brewery restaurant is heralded worldwide with an interior glass dome fit for an Edwardian English garden and mussle-shelled patterns reminiscent of the Barcelona cathedrals. "The most elegant place devoted to the consumption of beer in Munich is Augustiner's 1890's Restaurant on Neuhauser Strasse." Michael Jackson's The New World Guide to Beer.

Brauerei Aying has a long-standing reputation for excellence in beer and hospitality. Although Ayinger Brewery was founded in a picturesque village 25 kilometers from Munich in 1878, the site of the Ayinger Gasthaus Brewery Hotel has been one of Bavaria’s most famous restaurants for more than 500 years. Ayinger beers are characterized by their delicious balanced maltiness (not found in beers of the major Munich breweries). Unlike the mass-market brewers, Ayinger uses a significant portion of locally-grown barley and wheat to produce their beers. In a land of wonderful breweries, Ayinger is considered a benchmark of excellence. For the past four years Ayinger has placed first in every category entered in the World Beer Championships.

In 1719 the Bavraria century began in on a small farm where it remained in to the 19th century. Laurentius Moorees was the founder of the company, which has remained in the hands of the same family ever since. As a family business it has remained loyal to its customers and has provided their products all over the world.

Belgium, the beer paradise, the land of good living and since 1894 the land that is home to the Bavik Brewery. For more than a century now, the tall brewery has been part of the landscape of Bavikhove in Flanders. This is where the Bavik Brewery produces a wide selection of beers and soft drinks. Behind the success of this independent brewery stands the De Brabandere family that today involves the fourth generation of the family of brewers. www.BAVIK.COM and

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Beerables offers unique gifts for the person who appreciates truly great beers.  We have partnered with breweries around the globe to offer their promotional items from glassware, signage to clothing.  These items are new and not stolen from our local pub!  Visit our website at for unique gift items for holiday gift giving, weddings and birthdays. 


Birra Del Borgo was founded in May of 2005 not too far away from Italy’s capital Rome about 60 miles northwest in Borgorose. Leonardo di Vincenzo was originally trained in biochemistry but started brewing beer as a hobby during his college years.


The brewpub Birrificio Troll lies in the heart of the serene mountains. The wooden stove burns during the cold winters and the fresh breeze from the sea cools the guests during the summer. It is in this atmosphere that the beer is brewed from tradition and in search of synergy with nature. Using only local ingredients and combining them with ancient recipes has led to new creations. Sun, snow, streams & forests, music, peace and joy are the emotions in our beers and our dishes. To health!!!

Just east of Turin, in Marinone outside of Como, Agostino Arioli and his brother Stefano founded Birrificio Italiano brewpub and restaurant in 1997 with 8 other partners. All beers sold on premises are house beers and most are bottom fermented. Agostino designed and had built locally his 3 hl brew house. All his beers are uniquely Italian - they are variations on classic beer styles. Today's capacity is around 700hl.


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